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Residential Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

 When it comes to cleaning hood vent filters, a professional residential hood cleaner is highly recommended. Regular degreasing and filter deep cleaning can help keep your kitchen hood free from foul smells and threats of a fire hazard.  It is important to have your residential hood cleaned at least every 6 months.  Grease can easily build up in your residential hood vents and start to accumulate over the course of several months of use.  After the build up, grease can begin to leak grease from the kitchen hood filters onto your bbq grill or worst your food while grilling.  If this is a concern, give us a call and let the Revival Team Member know you would like to add the your vent hood filters to your grill cleaning service and we can remove the grease for you at a very reasonable rate.

Our Process for Vent Hood Cleanings



Remove and Clean Filters

Remove Vent Hood Filters and spray with an Eco-friendly Degreasing solution. We will then steam clean with a soft bristle tand then rinse with a hose to remove the grease that has built up. 


Steam Clean Exterior

With a combination of 350 degrees of steam and our eco-friendly degreasing solution we will clean the exterior of your vent hood. 


Make it Shine

We will put the filters back into the vent hood and apply our signature polish the exterior of the vent hood and the filters. 

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