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Say Goodbye to Dirty and Hello to Healthy

Charleston's Grill Cleaning Experts

At Revival Grill Cleaning, we believe a Clean Grill is a Happy Grill.  So make your grill happy by saying Goodbye to Dirty and

Hello to Clean!

Offering both residential & commercial BBQ Grill Cleaning

services in Greater Charleston, SC.

You can be sure that your BBQ Grills will be Safer, Pest Free, and produce Healthier and Tastier food for the benefit of your family, friends and guests with 5 Star Rated Grill Cleaning Services from Revival Grill Cleaning.

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A Clean Grill is A Happy Grill by providing a healthier, tastier and overall more pleasant experience.  Not only that, but performing regular deep cleanings will protect the investment you've made.

It's time to say GOODBYE TO DIRTY and HELLO TO HEALTHY with the Revival Grill Cleaning service.

Revival Grill Cleaning Services Include:

  • Complete interior and exterior Removal of Grease, Fat and Carbon Deposits that build up in a grill, even in areas that you can't see

  • All cooking racks are sprayed with Eco-Friendly Degreasing solution and then Steam Cleaned using 350° of steam for degreasing and sanitization

  • Additional internal and external grill components will be cleaned with 350° of Steam and our Degreasing Solution

  • We will use a Vacuum to remove all of the loose grease, carbon, fat and additional debris in the grill box 

  • We will use our Specialty Formulated Polish to to make the the outside of the grill and all stainless steel cabinets shine

  • Simple and Affordable Pricing



Professional grill cleaning

Revival Grill Cleaning
Leaders in BBQ Grill Cleaning   

five star grill cleaning service
five star grill cleaning service
five star grill cleaning service
five star grill cleaning service
five star grill cleaning service

Why Partner with Revival Grill Cleaning?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Licensed and Fully Insured Services 

Trained and Background Checked Technicians 

50+ Five Star Reviews on Google

Locally Owned and Operated


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